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Steane Klose | May, 09 2007 | 0 Comments

The Bug may be back...

Is the real VW Beetle going to make a comeback? According to Automobilemag sources ‘deep’ inside Volkswagen have confirmed that the company is currently working on a rear-engined water-cooled small car and it’s said to “mimic the original Beetle in both layout and purpose”.

The new design is said to have the engine situated on top of the rear transaxle with the engine radiator housed in the nose of the car. There are likely to be three wheelbase options and two body styles that will be offered worldwide.

Two of the options are slated for the US market and include a small 3-metre long ‘Beetle’ styled car that will be aimed at cars like the Smart ForTwo. There will also be a four-door ‘notchback’. Pricing in the US will be in the $US10,000-$14,000 range.

The price will be kept low by negating items such as power-steering, however ABS, satellite navigation and a sunroof will be available. Engines will vary depending on the market and will range from a one-cylinder unit in some emerging (poor) markets up to a turbo-charged direct injection 3-cylinder unit in markets such as the US and Australia.

The concept of a new rear-engined inexpensive ‘peoples car’ like the original Beetle has long been a dream of VW’s Ferdinand Piëch. Automobilemag seem to consider it a folly. In our recently environmentally aware world a new fuel efficient, cheap and character laden 'peoples car' may be just what the doctor ordered.

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