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Mike Stevens | Feb, 16 2010 | 3 Comments

A NEW MOBILE PHONE application called Trapster is helping motorists avoid speed cameras and booze buses, using a Google Maps screen overlaid with up-to-the-minute community-updated warnings.

Available for a number of different 3G and GPS-enabled mobile phone platforms, the application allows users to enter the coordinates of known police activity, making the information instantly available to other Trapster users.

Speaking with Fairfax, a Victoria Police spokesperson said that while police knew of the application, it is not illegal software.

"While it is disappointing that motorists would consider drink driving and using this technology to attempt to avoid detection, there is nothing currently illegal with the application," he told Fairfax.

Although it is developed in the US, the application works in most countries, and its popularity in Australia is growing. The image at the top of this article shows a map of Melbourne, overlaid with Trapster alerts.

Primarily a mobile phone application, the Trapster service is also available on its website, where users can get view live maps.

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