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Steane Klose | May, 10 2007 | 0 Comments

Boring is the new black

So which car has provided you with the most satisfying ownership experience? Unbelievably in my opinion it appears that the most satisfying car to own in the UK at least is the Toyota Prius. Do they have a hankering for underwhelming transport...?

Global quality experts J.D Power in association with What Car? Magazine conducted a poll of motorists who were asked to name the most satisfying car that they had owned for more than two years.

The Toyota Prius shared first place with the Lexus IS. In fact Toyota / Lexus held 5 of the top ten positions. It seems that the average motorist equates ‘satisfaction’ to reliability and efficiency which is fair enough but whatever happened to character and soul being a source of satisfaction?

"We know there's an increase in consumer interest in environmentally friendly cars here in the UK, and with the Prius topping the model rankings in the 2007 study, we may be seeing a trend emerging." Said Steve Fowler, editor of What Car?

The Prius uses a petrol-electric hybrid system to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions which is commendable. Currently it is the darling of tree-huggers and Hollywood stars alike. Leonardo diCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Jane Fonda, Harrison-Ford and Meryl Streep all own one. The marketing of the Prius is proving to be one of the most successful campaigns in the history of the motor-vehicle.


The Skoda Octavia (above) which is due to arrive later this year in Australia was the highest ranking European brand and its interesting to note that nine of the top twelve place getters were Japanese brands. When it comes to build quality and precision there is no doubt that the Japanese manufacturers currently have the competition licked.

The least satisfying cars to own are dominated by French and Italian manufacturers with the Smart Roadster coming in dead last, which is probably where it belongs.

Top Ten

1= Toyota Prius

1= Lexus IS

3/. Honds Jazz

4/. Lexus RX

5/. Skoda Octavia

6/. Honda Accord

7/. Skoda Fabia

8= Toyota Avensis

8= Toyota Corolla

10/. Toyota Yaris

Bottom Ten

113/. Smart Roadster

112/. Chrysler Voyager/Grand Voyager

110= Ford Ka

110= Alfa Romeo 147

109/. Mitsubishi Shogun

108/. Vauxhall Tigra

107/. Citroen C2

106/. Fiat Punto

105/. Peugeot 407

104/. Renault Megane

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