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Tony O'Kane | Feb, 26 2009 | 3 Comments

In case you hadn't noticed, Team TMR will be out in force at the 2009 Melbourne International Motor Show tomorrow.

We'll be roaming around eating the free pies, drinking the free booze and generally getting in everyone's way, but we're doing it so YOU won't miss out on all the juicy debuts, announcements and other news that's scheduled for tomorrow's show.

We'll be bringing you the news presentation-by-presentation (a process Web 2.0 types refer to as "live blogging"), so be sure to check back often throughout the day. There's a cubic shitload of cool cars that are slated to appear at MIMS, and we'll be there to photograph and longingly caress each and every one.


Need a reminder of what's coming to the show? For starters there's the brand-new Mazda3 MPS, the revamped BMW Z4, Lotus' shapely Evora, the Toyota HC-CV hybrid concept and my personal fave: the Z34 Nissan 370Z.

There's loads more too, but you'll find out all about them tomorrow.


So call the boss, put on your best 'sick' voice and prepare to sit back, relax and let TMR bring the Melbourne International Motor Show to you.

Presentations start at 7:30 AM AEDT tomorrow (2030 Zulu time for any fighter pilots out there), and our torrent of coverage will commence shortly thereafter. Keep that dial locked onto TMR, folks!

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