Subaru Entry-Level Coupe Spied Hot-Weather Testing Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Sep, 07 2010 | 9 Comments

Developed side-by-side with Toyota’s upcoming FT-86 coupe, Subaru’s entry-level two-door sportscar has been spied hot-weather testing in the US this week.

With flared guards and a profile similar to the current generation WRX STI, Subaru fans in Australia and the US might be inclined to dub Subaru’s new coupe the spiritual successor to the famed 22B.

Of course, lacking the extra motivation of a turbo (see the covered bonnet-scoop), the new coupe would be considered the 22B’s scion in spirit only.

Previous rumours had the Subaru-badged two-door utilizing a shortened version of the Liberty’s platform along with the WRX’s AWD drivetrain. However, cost blow-outs have reportedly prompted Subaru to dump its plans for AWD and instead use the same RWD layout as the Toyota.

Heavy camouflaging, along with massive cladding to the rear end and rear quarters, make it difficult to discern the exact look of Subaru’s new two-door, but a STI-like style appears likely.

Power is expected to come from the same 150kW Subaru-developed naturally-aspirated direct-injection 2.0 litre boxer engine powering Toyota’s FT-86 concept, although Subaru has recently announced it will unveil a new range of boxer engines later this year.

Adding credence to the likelihood of a RWD layout, the Subaru coupe’s cabin is positioned further back above the rear axle.

While the FT-86 concept is destined for this month’s Tokyo Motor Show, a proper look at the Subaru version of the joint project’s pair of entry-level coupes is likely some way off.

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