South Australian Drink And Drug Drivers To Lose Licence For Life Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Mar, 08 2010 | 3 Comments

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN PREMIER Mike Rann announced today that the state's police commissioner will be given the power to permanently strip repeat offending drink-drivers and drug-drivers of their licences, if his government is reelected in the upcoming elections.

"In the same way that certain people are not allowed to hold a gun licence, certain people should never be allowed to hold a driver's licence," Mr Rann said.

"In the wrong hands, cars can be lethal too."

Mr Rann said that penalties would be increased for street racing, with convicted racers jailed for up to five years. The new laws would also see licences suspended for three years or more.

South Australian Road Safety Minister Michael O'Brien said that the new powers came at the request of Police Commissioner Mal Hyde.

Under the planned changes, people whose driving leads to the death or permanent disabling of others, or people who are continually caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, would stand to lose their licences permanently.

"This is about saving our kids' lives. This is about making sure people who are a total menace to society, who should not have the right to drive a car can have it taken away," Mr Rann said.

"If you are a menace to society on the road, then you'll lose your licence for good."

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