Rolls-Royce Ghost/200EX Configurator Goes Live Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Jun, 23 2009 | 0 Comments

AS A PART OF its dedicated website for the upcoming Ghost luxury sedan, Rolls-Royce has released an online configurator showing you - the common man - just what the brand-new Rolls might look like in your choice of paint, cowhide and wood trim.

Curiously, the website doesn't refer to the car as the Ghost, but rather its concept car name, the 200EX.

However, with recent Ghost sightings showing that the production car will differ very little from the 200EX concept, what you see in the configurator should accurately depict what you'll see in your local Rolls-Royce showroom.

If the configurator is anything to go by, at least eight paint colours, five leather finishes and four woodgrain options will be available in the production Rolls-Royce Ghost.


Of course, for those with a few more dollars to spend, Rolls-Royce will likely accomodate any requests for... ahem, further personalisation, but stick to what's offered 'off the shelf' and you'll wind up with a very tasteful automobile indeed. Us? We opted for 'Rap Video White', with piano-black wood trim set against black leather.

Production of the Rolls-Royce Ghost is expected to commence around the end of this year, with deliveries slated to begin in early 2010.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but the smart money says it will likely occupy the same segment as Bentley's Continental Flying Spur.

Check out the Ghost/200EX's minisite here.

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