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Steane Klose | Jul, 12 2007 | 0 Comments

Our friends over at 4Drivers Only have recently reported the results of another (they seem to be quite prolific) J.D. Power & Associates survey. It would seem that Porsche’s star is well and truly on the rise as the world’s most profitable vehicle manufacturer (on a per unit basis) has won top place for “Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout” (APEAL). This follows hot on the heels of Porsches top place in the “Initial Quality” category last month.

As explained by 4Drivers Only, the folks at J.D. Power & Associates asked recent purchasers if they were still happy with their choice of vehicle 90 days after making said purchase. It would appear that many Porsche owners are. In fact more Porsche owners remain happy with their purchase three months down the track than the owners of any other single brand.


So many satisfied customers no doubt helps explain why Porsche have produced a record 100,000 997’s since March 2004. It would seem that Porsche are no longer solely reliant on balding men with 'little Richards' for sales...which must be a huge relief.

Source : 4Drivers Only

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