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Pontiac to source VE Ute and Sportwagon Photo:
Steane Klose | Nov, 20 2007 | 1 Comment

Holden’s export expansion plans are bigger than first thought according to Automotive News who through a number of “inside sources” have confirmed GM’s plans to import the VE based Sportwagon and Ute to the States to expand the Pontiac G8 line-up.

Suddenly the 1 billion dollar plus development cost of VE and the move away from a workhorse inspired ute and wagon range to a recreational ‘sports’ ute and wagon range begins to make a lot of sense.


The only deal breaker may be the currency. The weakening greenback and increasingly robust Australian dollar could price the Aussie built Pontiac range out of contention. With pricing for the Pontiac G8 GT (our SS Commodore) starting at US29,995 in the States, or around $AUD15,000 less than the equivalent spec SS Commodore in Australia, it is suspected that profit margins are already slim.

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