NSW To Reintroduce Mobile Speed Cameras From July Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Mar, 29 2010 | 2 Comments

THE NEW SOUTH WALES Government is set to reintroduce mobile speed cameras in July, after the state's 2010 road toll passed 100 last week.

The project, which will see the previous outdated cameras replaced with brand-new digital cameras, will cost the state around $170 million. NSW Roads Minister David Campbell said today that the project will include repairs and upgrades to blackspot areas, along with a safety audit of the state's main highways.

The mobile cameras will join 200 new digital speeding and red-light cameras already being rolled out across New South Wales.

"These measures are designed to improve safety on roads with a serious crash history, as well as target speeding," Mr David Campbell said.

Mr Campbell said today that six mobile cameras will go into operation in July, each marked and signposted, alerting motorists to their presence. The RTA will maintain a public list on its website of locations the mobile cameras will be used at, updated every three months.

Mr Campbell also confirmed that the first month of operation will act as a grace period, motorists receiving only warnings instead of fines.

Speeding fines are also set to be increased by five percent.

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