Nissan Qazana Concept Unveiled At Geneva Motor Show Photo:
Mike Stevens | Mar, 04 2009 | 3 Comments

Nobody knows what the designers at Nissan were smoking when they came up with this one, but whatever it is, hand it over lads.

Nissan has used the Qazana Concept to grab attention at the Geneva Motor Show, and as further proof its designers were hopped up on something crazy, Nissan describes the Qazana as “an intelligent, all-wheel-drive crossover with masculine (what? – Ed), agile, lean, and designed for the touch city streets” (what?! – Ed, again, sorry).


Nissan says the Qazana was inspired by motor bikes and – more obviously, now that Nissan’s spelled it out – beach buggies. And from that perspective, the designers have done a great job bringing the classic playful styling of beach buggies through to a road-going concept.


According to Matt Weaver, project lead designer at NDE, Qazana was designed to be sophisticated but fun. "It's a hugely optimistic car, which is no bad thing in these difficult times. Had it been created in the 1960s, it would have counted camper vans, bikes and buggies as its rivals. Infused with that same spirit, there's nothing quite like it available today."

Measuring 4060mm long, 1570mm tall and 1780mm wide – with a 2530mm wheelbase – Nissan says the Qazana would be perfectly suited to the urban environment, but with the ability to live and go “far beyond the city walls.”


Being a mere concept, there’s no information on power or engine specs. Suffice it to say, Nissan does intend to bring a more production-realistic version of the Qazana to the market, so prepare yourselves for that.

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