Mike Stevens | Apr, 12 2009 | 2 Comments

Dig eight minutes (and thirteen seconds) out of your Easter Sunday, folks, because this is racing at its absolute best. Rubbish weather, nerves of steel, paint-swapping and love-tapping, this one had it all. Oh, and Nigel Mansell.

After retiring from Formula 1, Mansell took a run in the British Touring Car Championship – once regarded as the most exciting motorsport series in the world – punting around in an under-powered Mondeo for a few rounds.

In this particular race at Donnington Park, a start in 19th position wasn’t enough to deter the man dubbed ‘The Lion’ by the Ferrari F1 fans. With some canny driving and a willingness to embrace the opportunities presented by the wet conditions, Mansell wound up leading the race for a few laps before eventually finishing fifth.

[via The Tuners Group]

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