JOSS JP1 Supercar Begins To Take Shape Photo:
joss_jp1_03 Photo: tmr
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joss-supercar_development-prototype_04.jpg Photo: tmr
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Mike Stevens | Aug, 03 2010 | 9 Comments

Melbourne-based outfit JOSS has today revealed the first of what will likely be many hints at the styling of its upcoming supercar, codenamed JP1.

Following in the footsteps of the JT1 engineering prototype that has for six years been the singular focus of the company's image, this new black-clad clay model brings JOSS closer than ever to realising the dream: Australia's first production supercar.

A 1:1 scale clay model developed both through the advantages of modern engineering and aerodynamics software, and the skill of JOSS Developments' experienced team, the new design is the product of many factors.

“A variety of reasons have determined this overall package of visual features but everything you will see has met all of our primary design goals," Technical Director Matt Thomas said of the new design.

“The car’s all-important aerodynamic and mechanical packaging needs have still allowed us to produce this final design, one which we are certain will impress when it is revealed,” he said.

As the JP1's developers work to finalise the finer details and intricacies of its design, planning is already going into the next stage, which will see the supercar leap from clay to carbon fibre.

“When everything is factored in - from engine positioning to centres of mass and pressure and so on - the car’s personality largely comes from how it looks," Thomas said.

“For me, this is a simple but critical fact.”

Thomas remains tight-lipped on a date for the JP1's unveiling, or with any hints as to its final name (if it won't in fact carry the JP1 name through to production).

One thing is certain, however: the past few months have seen more details released than the entire six years before them, and a few more months of waiting won't kill us. Probably.

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