Jaguar XKR Update Spied Testing Photo:
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_090 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_interior_029 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_168 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_198 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_104 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_xk_r_facelift_spy_photos_spy_shots_02 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_interior_010 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_123 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_065 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_078 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_interior_023 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_144 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_190 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_098 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_xk_r_facelift_spy_photos_spy_shots_01 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_interior_009 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_133 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_053 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_interior_015 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_154 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_097 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_xk_r_facelift_spy_photos_spy_shots_05 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_189 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_interior_008 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_213 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_024 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_interior_016 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_137 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_092 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_xk_r_facelift_spy_photos_spy_shots_03 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_173 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_interior_002 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_111 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_021 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_interior_013 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_118 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_081 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_171 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_211 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_114 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_xk_r_facelift_spy_photos_spy_shots_04 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_interior_005 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_130 Photo: tmr
2010_jaguar_xk_coupe_048 Photo: tmr

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Mike Stevens | Jan, 20 2011 | 0 Comments

Jaguar may be quietly working on adding a SUV, roadster or new 3 Series-rivalling small coupe (or all three) to its line-up, but its ageing XK range is not to be left behind.

Launched in 2006, the second-generation XK is coming due for its midlife update. As these new spy photos show, development of at least the range-topping XKR is well underway.

Expected to hit the market sometime next year, the updated XK is expected to get revised headlights and tail-lights - as with its XF sedan sibling, spied recently - and a more aggressive aero kit.

Although no photos of the interior have been obtained, the XK's cabin will likely benefit from a similar overhaul.

Powertrains are likely to gain only small updates in terms of output, although Europe's strict emissions laws mean we can expect cleaner-running engines.


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