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Steane Klose | Jul, 11 2007 | 0 Comments

There has been plenty of speculation surrounding HSV’s 20th Birthday celebrations and just what they may have on display at the Sydney Motor Show. We have already featured the GTS-R 427 7.0-litre monster that Wheels magazine suggested may be unveiled which has since (unfortunately) been categorically denied by HSV.

One thing that we can be sure of is the debut of the E-Series Maloo.

“We are going to celebrate our 20 years in the business, and in typical HSV style we will create something of a limited nature for the Australian International Motor Show, as well as showcasing the new Maloo. Sydney gives us an opportunity to have the brand-new production car called the Maloo, and to celebrate a successful Australian business there will be something else”, said HSV chief Scott Grant

Grant also confirmed that HSV have spent enough cash on the E-Series Maloo to ensure that there is plenty of visual differentiation over previous model Maloos. We can expect the front to be the same or similar to the current HSV E-Series sedan range with HSV focussing their attention on the side and rear styling.

According to Grant the Maloo is not being considered for export and will at this stage remain a home market model only.

HSV have promised a Melbourne Motor Show ‘surprise’ involving what they describe as a ‘Vintage car of the future’ which brings to mind the spectacular Holden Efigy concept.

For this years Sydney show HSV are planning to ‘tweak’ their E-Series sedan. We may be wrong…and we know we are crazy…but we’d have a small wager on the tweak involving a supercharger.

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Source : CarsGuide

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