Honda To Discontinue 4-Door Civic Type R, 3-Door To Get Special Limited Edition Update Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Apr, 19 2010 | 2 Comments

UPDATE: Comment from Honda Australia's Mark Higgins added.

HONDA HAS today announced that it will discontinue production of the Japan-market four-door Civic Type R, killing any chance of the performance model joining its three-door sibling and the regular Civic sedan here in Australia.

While Honda has not revealed the specific reasons for the demise of the four-door Type R, the Japanese carmaker has also announced that it will launch a limited edition release of the three-door Civic Type R in the Japanese market.

After an initial absence, the three-door Type R - manufactured in the UK and the only Type R model available in Australia - joined the brand's Japan-market line-up early last year.

Honda has been equally vague on the details of the limited edition three-door Type R, and the question of whether its 'updated styling' will eventually feature on international versions of the model remains to be answered.

With the three-door model soon to be the only Type R offering in the Civic line-up, enthusiasts will no doubt be hoping for an extensive overhaul to give it power and handling characteristics more in-line with its hardcore four-door sibling.

As for updates to the Australia Civic Type R, Honda Australia's Mark Higgins confirmed to TMR today that no updates, to either power or styling, are expected for the Australian-delivered Type R.

"There are no styling updates expected for the three-door Civic Type R as we understand it. Will we get power upgrades for the local Type R? No we won't, it will remain as it is now, at 147kW," Mr Higgins said.

Click for TMR's review of the 2009 Honda Civic Type R.

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