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Holden set to steal Ford's thunder at Melbourne Motor Show Photo:
Steane Klose | Jan, 23 2008 | 1 Comment

If Holden do one thing well, it has to be upstaging the competition at Australian Motor Shows. Remember the Monaro…then the Monaro convertible and of course the stunning Efigy concept? Well, rumour has it that they are up to their old tricks again and will be taking the wraps of a new concept at this years Melbourne Motor Show that, according to Bob Lutz will “knock everybody’s socks off”.

HSV are also expected to be upping the ante, with a possible hi-po version of the Sportwagon to be revealed. In a deja-vu-like moment that ‘old chestnut’ the mythical 7.0-litre version of their E-Series sedan, some have dubbed the GTS-R, is also rumoured to be ready for its first appearance…assuming it even exists. The GTS-R is almost an urban legend but if there was one show to preview it at, this years Melbourne event would be the one.

Why…because Ford are expected to unveil their new and desperately awaited Orion Falcon range at the same show. The last thing Ford needs is to be upstaged, as they give the public their first look at the car they hope will turn their fortunes around in the Australian market place.

Rumours have been rife over the last week concerning the fate of the Aussie Falcon, with there being some suggestion that the next generation model will be manufactured Stateside. Sales of the Falcon in 2007 were so dismal, that Ford is said to have been questioning the business case for designing and building the post-Orion Falcon in Australia. It is speculation at this stage but the one inescapable fact is that the Orion Falcon will really need to perform on the sales front to ensure its continued survival.

While Holden and HSV gear up to steal the limelight, it will be the new Falcon range that hopefully steals the show. It should attract plentiful interest from both the Ford and Holden camps alike. The future of an iconic Australian name plate hangs in the balance.

[Source: Autoblog]

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