F1: Hamilton Receives 'A Lot' Of Interest For Manager Job, Sauber Set To Run McLaren-Type Air System Photo:
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Team principal Peter Sauber with Pedro de la Rosa and Kamui Kobayashi behind the new BMW Sauber C29 Photo: tmr
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Pedro de la Rosa Photo: tmr
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Kamui Kobayashi Photo: tmr
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Kamui Kobayashi (right) and Pedro de la Rosa (left) Photo: tmr
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Mike Stevens | Mar, 25 2010 | 0 Comments

LEWIS HAMILTON HAS revealed he received "a lot" of applications to become his new manager.

It emerged before the 2010 season opener that the McLaren driver will no longer be handled professionally by his father Anthony.

Martin Brundle and Mika Hakkinen were both touted as potential replacements.

"Honestly, I have received a lot of applications but I'm not in a hurry to decide," the 25-year-old Briton said on Wednesday in a joint interview with F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone.

"I am with a fantastic team, with many competent people, so at the moment I have no need for a manager," Hamilton told F1's official website.

Ecclestone, 79, advised Hamilton to remain unrepresented.

"A driver doesn't need a manager," said the sport's 'supremo', who joked that he has offered to manage Hamilton.

"Gerhard Berger is the prime example of that. He managed himself and was making more money than anybody else at the time he was racing," Ecclestone added.



Sauber Set To Run McLaren-Type Air System

ACCORDING TO RUMOURS from the Melbourne pitlane on Wednesday, Sauber is ready to test an initial version of the controversial McLaren-style knee-activated air inlet system.

The innovation, where air is allowed to pass through the car and onto the rear wing by the movement of the drivers' knee, was declared legal on McLaren's MP4-25 in Bahrain two weeks ago.

Basically, the system works by 'stalling' the efficiency of the downforce-producing rear wing, thereby producing more straight-line speed when the car is not cornering.

McLaren had spent some time pioneering the system, so it is a surprise that Sauber has so quickly readied a version for its Ferrari-powered C29.

It is believed the Swiss team has not decided whether to actually run the system in Melbourne this weekend.

Asked by Germany's Auto Motor und Sport, technical boss Willy Rampf said: "Ask me (about it) on Friday."

It is likely Mercedes will be among the next F1 teams to also introduce the inlet system.

"We had an idea that they (McLaren) were doing it -- we didn't understand how they were doing it," said team boss Ross Brawn. "But now we do."



Renault Adds Branding To Blank Sidepods

RENAULT'S PREVIOUSLY BLANK yellow sidepods will feature prominent 'DIAC' branding as from this weekend's Australian grand prix and "forthcoming rounds".

DIAC is a French automotive financing subsidiary of RCI Banque, which is part of the Renault Group.

The branding will appear on the sidepods until Monaco in mid May.


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