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Steane Klose | Aug, 13 2007 | 2 Comments

Since the production of only 50 original Maserati MC12’s in the world, the requests have been flooding through to Maserati to produce an MC12 racing car, that can be driven by private owners on track days. As a result, the MC12 ‘Corsa’ was born.

Production of the MC12 was extended to include 12 (only) race track only Corsa versions that were based on the 2005 FIA GT Cup winning MC12 GT1. Of those 12 Corsa’s is born this one-off MC12 Corsa tuned by renowned tuning house Edo Competition.

What can they possibly do to make an already insane track car better, you ask? Easy, add - three-way adjustable suspension that includes a special ‘nose lift’ function to avoid scratching that very low nose cone on the bitumen, a set of brakes bigger than the alloy wheels on many road cars (15.6 Inches on the front), a new forged alloy wheel and tire combination (19” x 265 front and 20” x 335 rear) and an ultra high flow exhaust.


The result is a car that weighs 1150Kgs (400kgs less then the ‘normal’ MC12), has 565Kw (755hp) / 740Nm of torque from its tuned naturally aspirated 6.0Litre V12 all sitting on a specifically designed chassis with tires and brakes to match and…….. it’s road legal. Only in Germany!

With 0-200kph times in the 6 sec bracket and a price tag of 1,200,000 Euros or just under $2,000,000 AUD, Edo Competition have raised the bar for aftermarket tuning world wide.


[Source: www.edo-competition.de]

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