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Steane Klose | Jun, 19 2007 | 0 Comments

AutoCar in the UK have come across some interesting news. Readers of these pages will be acquainted with Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC) the Chinese automobile manufacturer best known for their purchase of the MG cadaver and recently their re-establishment of MG manufacture in the UK.

It would seem that the top dogs at NAC have a penchant for old British iron as they have ‘done a deal’ with HFI Automotive the current owner of the Healey brand that will result in the Healey name rising from the old and rather cold ashes of their past.

HFI Automotive acquired the rights to the Healey name through its January 2006 purchase of Healey Automobile Consultants, a firm established by Donald Healey and his son.

HFI announced their plans to revive the Healey name through the creation of some new ‘high-performance’ sports cars soon after they gained control of the brand in early 2006 but little has been heard since.

We look forward to seeing what Nanjing Automobile Corporation will come up with (the picture above is an artists impression) but have to admit that we are finding the whole Chinese MG and Healey association rather amusing and hard to wrap our heads around… No doubt we will have plenty of opportunity to get used to it and maybe even be a little bit surprised. If the new Healeys look anything like the artists impression then all we can say is...super!

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