BMW M3 Challenge – Downloadable M3 drive game Photo:

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Steane Klose | Sep, 12 2007 | 0 Comments

BMW have released a fully downloadable game to coincide with the debut of their new E92 M3 at the Frankfurt IAA.

This would have cost BMW a fair bit to develop, as it feels quite realistic. I just downloaded ‘the challenge’ and it is definitely a driving game you can have a bit of fun with on your lunchbreak. It includes a few cool features, such as a clutch button, online play and the sound of the M3’s V8 is awesome. Perhaps the closest most of us mere mortals will get to driving the real thing around the ‘Ring.

Oh and if anyone wants a shot at the title I just clocked 2mins 32 secs around the Nurburgring GP track, I would have done better but rolled the car after hitting the tyres on the last bend! Click on the below link to check it out.



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