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Brad Leach | Oct, 21 2016 | 0 Comments

Despite the winding down of local manufacturing – which was the prime reason why it was created – the local version of international safety testing called ANCAP continues apace.

ANCAP says it published 49 vehicle safety ratings in 2015-16, covering more than 250 variants and 29 per-cent of the new vehicles sold in Australia.

Vehicle manufacturers contributed over one-fifth of the $12.1-million spent to produce those ratings. In fact, one ANCAP rating costs $336,100 on average.

A total of 185 vehicles were destroyed during ANCAP testing through the last financial year, worth around $5.6-million.

And spare a though for the crash test dummies – 337 of them were involved in the 209 crash tests conducted (each barrier impact equates to multiple tests).

The share of cars sold in Australia and New Zealand carrying the maximum five-star safety has now increased to 87 per-cent and only 1.0 per-cent of sales represent vehicles with three stars or less.

ANCAP reckons vehicle occupants in a three star-rated vehicle involved in a serious crash have twice the chance of being killed or injured than those in a five-star-rated vehicle.

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