Alpina B7 And B6 GT3 To Debut At Geneva Photo:
Mike Stevens | Jan, 30 2009 | 0 Comments

Long-time BMW tuner, Alpina, is about to pull back the covers on two cars at this year's Geneva Motor Show. The Alpina B7 turns up the wick on BMW’s 7 series while the B6 GT3 marks Alpina’s return to motorsport after a 20 year absence.

Although the specifications of the new B7 are still under wraps, the current B7 is powered by a supercharged version of BMW’s 4.4 litre V8 producing 373 kW and is able to run to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds. The new model should build on this, as well as featuring a revised aero package and multi-spoke alloy wheels to add some visual punch to the already imposing 7-series.


The B6 GT3 coupe is based on the BMW 6-series and will run in the 2009 FIA GT3 Championship. The supercharged 4.4 litre V8 in the B6 GT3 pushes out 390 kW and 725 Nm but better news still is that a version of the car will be made available for public consumption.

Interestingly, as a competitor to BMW’s own M range of vehicles, Alpina’s current vehicles are built on the regular BMW assembly line with all bespoke parts supplied by Alpina prior to installation.

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