2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK Revealed In Leaked Video Photo:
2011_mercedes-benz_slk_spy-shots_07.jpg Photo: tmr
2012_mercedes_benz_slk_leaked_video_grab_05 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes_benz_slk_spy_shots_13 Photo: tmr
2012_mercedes_benz_slk_leaked_video_grab_01 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes_benz_slk_spy_shots_17 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes-benz_slk_spy-shots_01.jpg Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes-benz_slk_spy-shots_06.jpg Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes_benz_slk_spy_shots_14 Photo: tmr
2012_mercedes_benz_slk_leaked_video_grab_07 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes_benz_slk_spy_shots_11 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes_benz_slk_spy_shots_24 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes-benz_slk_spy-shots_05.jpg Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes-benz_slk_spy-shots_10.jpg Photo: tmr
2012_mercedes_benz_slk_leaked_video_grab_04 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes_benz_slk_spy_shots_16 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes_benz_slk_spy_shots_25 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes-benz_slk_spy-shots_04.jpg Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes-benz_slk_spy-shots_09.jpg Photo: tmr
2012_mercedes_benz_slk_leaked_video_grab_03 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes_benz_slk_spy_shots_12 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes_benz_slk_spy_shots_23 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes-benz_slk_spy-shots_03.jpg Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes-benz_slk_spy-shots_08.jpg Photo: tmr
2012_mercedes_benz_slk_leaked_video_grab_02 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes_benz_slk_spy_shots_15 Photo: tmr
2012_mercedes_benz_slk_leaked_video_grab_06 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes_benz_slk_spy_shots_26 Photo: tmr
2011_mercedes-benz_slk_spy-shots_02.jpg Photo: tmr

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Mike Stevens | Dec, 06 2010 | 3 Comments

Leaked promotional images are a constant bane for carmakers, revealing every angle of the brand's next leap forward and robbing the company of its moment in the sun.

This week, Mercedes-Benz has been made the victim of an even worse scenario: a leaked promotional video for its new updated-for-2012 SLK roadster.

A significant overhaul to the current SLK (click to read TMR's review), the new model benefits from an SLS-inspired facelift and a remodeled rear-end.

It also gets a brand-new interior, including new seats, a chrome-rich redesigned dash, a new sports steering wheel and new door panels.

The leaked video reveals a number of new and familiar features, along with Mercedes' new Magic Sky Control panoramic roof - an option revealed in detail early last month.

The new footage also follows earlier spy photos that revealed the new SLK testing alongside its predecessor, the current (soon to be superseded) generation.

Power for the new SLK is expected to come from the company's 2.2-litre BlueEfficiency four-cylinder twin-turbo diesel, developing 152kW and 500Nm of torque.

Petrol engines are also expected, with talk of a twin-turbo version of the company's new 225kW 3.5 litre V6 on the cards for a AMG version of the new SLK, developing around 260kW.

See the leaked promotional video below, along with (blurry) captured images in the gallery.

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