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Steane Klose | Dec, 05 2007 | 3 Comments

News concerning Nissan’s new GT-R just keeps on rolling in and its starting to get real interesting. If you are a GT-R aficionado then you will already know all about the Group N versions that Nissan built alongside the previous generation models. Built so that Nissan could take the GT-R racing in the domestic race series they were stripped out versions of the road car and featured larger turbos along with a host of changes to make them suitable for track work. A few even made it across to Australia as grey imports, with owners enjoying what is one rather hardcore road car.

The good news is that Nissan look as though they are up to their old tricks again with a Group N version of the new GT-R in development. Dubbed by some as the “superproduction” the pictures in this case tell a thousand words. Full details are not known, but if this is the Group N then it will most likely be being developed for the Japanese "Super Taikyu" racing series and for owners who just want a super-serious spec GT-R as a road car.


Separating the standard GT-R from the one pictured are the following additions that point to this being a Group N machine;

• Lowered ride height

• Bonnet safety clips

• Race spec alloys and tyres

• Modified front bumper (grille insert removed) to allow improved cooling.

• Full roll cage

• Air scoop on front spoiler

• Race type refueling port

It is also believed that Nissan will be returning the V-Spec version to the GT-R fold but this time around it will be known as the Spec-V due to international trademark issues. In a similar vein to Porsche with their 911 GT3 Cup car, Nissan may be looking at a race series of their own in which owners can pedal their GT-R Spec-V. Or in other words the Spec-V will be more hardcore than in previous generation GT-R’s with a strong emphasis being placed on its ability to get around a track quickly.

To this end it would be expected that the usual weight saving measures would be undertaken, including the deletion of soundproofing and extraneous items such as air-conditiong and audio systems. Whispers around the traps suggest the fitment of a rather expensive track capable brake system and total production of just 20 to 30 Spec-V’s per month.

So there you are, the standard showroom model GT-R seems to be just the start with even more “serious” models likely to come on stream over the coming year or so. Unlike Ferraris and Lamborghinis, you get the feeling that this is one car not designed for the poseur. The standard car is the black label edition and from there you head into XXX territory. The new age of GT-R is dawning…

[Source: gtrworld via Rocketpunch]

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