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Ex-Highway Patrol Officer Turned MP Says ‘Speed Up’ On Victorian Highways, But QUT Says ‘Slow Down’ In Suburban Streets

Australia’s outdated speed laws are again under the microscope, with an ex-highway patrol officer from Victoria Police, now a member of parli...

Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe Reports For Duty With Victoria Police

Victoria Police has taken delivery of a new highway patrol car from the high-performance tuners at Mercedes-AMG - a GLE 63 S Coupe SUV.

Holden Cruze Hits The Streets For Victoria Police

With the days numbered for the locally-built Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon, Australian police forces are now forced to consider w...

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Get The Thumbs Down In Victorian Court

Victorian motorcycle rider Max Lichtenbaum has unsuccessfully challenged a fine handed to him by police for using a camera attached to his hel...

Victoria: First-time 0.1 Drink-driving Offenders To Lose Cars For 30 Days

New laws to be introduced in Victoria from August 1 will enable police to impound or wheel-clamp the vehicles of first-time drink-driving offenders...

Victoria: Police Considering Mobile Camera Network To Monitor Vehicles

Police in Victoria plan to introduce a network of car-mounted cameras in an effort to monitor the state’s ‘most wanted’ motorists.

Victoria: Holden Still The Favourite For Car Thieves In 2014

New data for 2014 shows that Holden remains the top pick for car thieves in Victoria, reflecting numbers drawn from across the nation in recent years.

Police ‘Wasting Time’ With Low-Level Speeding As Fines Triple: RACV

Victoria’s peak motoring group, the RACV, has hit out at the state’s police force and its policy of targeting low-level speeding.

Victorian Road Toll Rises For First Time Since 2005

A total of 248 people died in road accidents in Victoria last year, five more than were killed in 2013.

Vic: Police Scan 25,000 Number Plates On Eastern Freeway

Victoria Police this week “threw a BlueNet” over Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway in the latest operation to use its new Automated Num...

Victoria: New Plan To Tackle Rising Rural Road Toll

Victoria Police has launched a four-year plan aiming to tackle the over-representation of rural Victorians in road toll statistics.

Victoria: Police Operation Nabs Alleged Demerit Point Dealers

Police in Victoria have arrested 16 people following a four-month investigation into 'demerit point trading’.

Vic: Calls For 0.02 Blood-Alcohol Limit Rejected By Govt, Opposition

Victoria’s state government and opposition have both rejected calls for the legal blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for drive...

Speed Cameras In Melbourne CBD Switched Off For 12 Months: Report

The many speed cameras around Melbourne’s CBD have reportedly been switched off for over 12 months.

VACC Backs Victoria Police SAFEPL8 Anti-Theft Initiative

The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has thrown its support behind a new Victoria Police initiative aimed at reducing number plate o...

Victoria: New Rules Allow Speed Cameras To Be ‘Hidden’ And Used Downhill

Victoria Police has outlined new guidelines allowing speed cameras to be hidden from the public and used at the bottom of steep hills for the first...

Specialist Squad To Crack Down On Hoons In Melbourne

A new police squad has been established to target anti-social 'hoon' behaviour in Melbourne’s south-east.

Victoria Police Nab Over 35,000 Traffic Offenders In Operation Summer Stay

Victoria Police have recorded more than 36,500 traffic offences over the past three weeks, including over 1700 drink and drug drivers.

Victoria Police Launching Task Force To Tackle Car Thefts

Victoria Police will launch a new task force targeting organised crime groups involved in the theft of cars in North Western Melbourne suburbs.&...

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Victoria Police Crush Hoon Car

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