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Feature Article: 2011 Suzuki Kizashi Sport AWD Review

SUZUKI KIZASHI REVIEW Vehicle Style: Medium sedan Price: 39 990 Fuel Economy claimed : 8.4 l 100km Fuel Economy tested : 11.2 l 100km OVERVIEW Before last year Suzuki had never tried its hand at a mid-size sedan. For a debut model the Kizashi impresses with high levels of refinement and build quality. With the range-topping Kizashi Sport AWD add in the security of all-wheel-drive and there's comfort and confidence all wrapped into a unique sharp-looking package. INTERIOR RATING: 3.5 5 Quality: Although the interior shares its basic look with the smaller Swift the Kizashi adds nicer plastics on the... continue reading



  • Suzuki Kizashi XLS Review

    TUE, 22 JUN, 2010

    SUZUKI KIZASHI REVIEW Suzuki Australia has finally branched out beyond its staple of small off-roaders and compact cars to bring u...