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Lotus Evora 400 Revealed: More Power, More ‘Lightness’
Lotus Evora 400 Revealed: More Power, More ‘Lightness’

Lotus’s promised Evora upgrade is now in the open and, while it’s not the extensive facelift some had expect...

Feb 18, 2015 (3 years ago)
2013 Lotus Exige S Review
Lotus Exige Review | 2013 Exige S

2013 LOTUS EXIGE REVIEW | Photography: Jan Glovac. What’s Hot: Physics-defying grip, stupendous accele...

Jun 14, 2013 (4 years ago)
Lotus Evora GTE Concept Revealed Ahead Of Pebble Beach Debut
Lotus Evora GTE Concept Bound For Pebble Beach This Week

Reports of a road-going version of the Evora GTE race car have culminated this week in the online unveiling of the ne...

Aug 16, 2011 (6 years ago)
Lotus Elite Gets Its Top Off In New Video
2014 Lotus Elite Revealed Ahead Of Paris Debut

2014 LOTUS ELITE Revealed just days before Lotus unveiled a full six concepts and future models at the Paris Auto...

Oct 14, 2010 (7 years ago)
Lotus Reveals New Esprit, Elan, Elise, Elite, Eterne Sedan And City Car Concept At Paris
Lotus Esprit, Elise, Elite, Eterne, Elan Revealed At Paris

  Lotus promised a special display in Paris, and with six brand new models and concepts on show, it hasn'...

Oct 1, 2010 (7 years ago)


Evora GT430 is Lotus’ Most Powerful Road Car Yet

THU, 27 JUL, 2017

Lotus has peeled back the covers on its most powerful road-going car yet, unveiling the sinister Evora GT430 as a strictly limited edition.

Geely Considers Shifting Lotus Production To China

MON, 26 JUN, 2017

Iconic British sportscar maker, Lotus, may find its future production shifted to China under the ownership of its new parent company, Geely.

Volvo Welcomes Lotus Engineering Expertise

FRI, 26 MAY, 2017

Volvo’s chassis engineering team has admitted it is open to the idea of working Lotus on future Volvo models now that the two compa...

PSA Looks Set To Buy Lotus And Proton

MON, 27 MAR, 2017

As reported by TMR last month, China’s Geely (parent company of Volvo) was interested in purchasing Malaysian brand Proton (which in tur...

Lotus Reveal Lightest Elise Since Original

MON, 20 MAR, 2017

Lotus has returned to its roots and "added lightness" to its latest Elise roadster.

Geely And Groupe PSA To Enter Bidding War For Strategic Partnership With Proton And Lotus

WED, 22 FEB, 2017

Malaysia's Proton Holdings, manufacturer of Proton and Lotus automobiles, looks set to enter a strategic partnership with Volvo’s parent ...

Lotus In The Black And Set To Launch Fastest-Ever Exige

SUN, 27 NOV, 2016

For the first time since the death of creator Colin Chapman - or did he disappear and has been living in the Bahamas? No, let’s not go t...

Lotus SUV - Don’t Order The Designer ‘Wellies’ Just Yet

TUE, 9 AUG, 2016

While some media reports have the ground-breaking first-ever Lotus SUV almost in production, the company’s CEO Jean-Marc Gales has hosed-down...

New Lotus Elise Set For 2020 Debut

THU, 28 JUL, 2016

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Lotus Elise, and although the lightweight roadster has seen a progression of through updates over the y...

2016 Lotus Evora 410 Unveiled - More Power, Less Weight

MON, 29 FEB, 2016

Lotus has turned up the performance wick on its Evora sports car by trimming kilograms from the already-lightweight model while adding power.


2013 Lotus Exige S Review

FRI, 14 JUN, 2013

2013 LOTUS EXIGE REVIEW | Photography: Jan Glovac.

2008 Lotus Elise R Road Test Review

TUE, 28 OCT, 2008

There are views – supported by countless motoring press articles worldwide - that the Lotus Elise and Exige family are the best handling sports ...


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