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Tesla Model S Exposed By ‘White-Hat’ Chinese Hackers - Tesla Immediately Responds

Two examples of Tesla’s Model S sedan were remotely controlled in a convincing display by a team of ‘white hat’ (non-malicious) h...

Hacking Of Vehicle Computer Systems Under Focus In North America

The shift towards autonomous driving and other increasingly sophisticated in-car computer systems brings an increased risk of hacking.

Tesla Model S P100D On The Way? 0-100Km/h Could Drop Below Three Seconds

Tesla may be considering a new, more powerful battery pack for its Model S premium sedan and with it, a potential boost to performance.

Over 100 Models Potentially At Risk From Hacking

A recent study has discovered that electronic immobiliser systems used by 26 different manufacturers could be vulnerable to hacking.

Jeep Cherokee Vulnerable To Wireless Hacking, But Australian Cars Safe

A critical weakness of Jeep's Uconnect infotainment system has allowed a group of professional hackers to gain remote control of a Cherokee by ...

Tesla, Elon Musk Social Media Accounts Hacked

Social media accounts for electric vehicle maker Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, were the target of hackers over the weekend.

Modern Car Computers A Growing Focus For Hackers: Report

‘Car hacking’ is increasingly on the minds of the world’s carmakers, and a new report suggests cars that possess the most modern ...

Car Hacking Risk Is Real: QUT Professor

A Queensland University of Technology (QUT) academic says car security has not kept pace with advancements in other technology, and that the risk f...

Tesla Hiring Hackers To Secure Model S Control Systems

For as long as there has been a computer, there’s been a dozen brains waiting to ‘hack’ it.

Traffic Signals Easily Hacked, Australian Systems At Risk: Security Researcher

Traffic signals around the world are easy targets for computer hackers, a US-based security researcher has warned.

Cars Not Impervious To Hackers: Video

With cars becoming ever more complex and almost totally reliant on computers to function, the idea that cars can be hacked into electronically h...

Fake Parking Tickets Used To Spread Computer Viruses

Apparently there’s some sort of techno-organic virus going around at the moment.  A computer virus that can be embedded in regular paper, w...