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Feature Article: 2012 Volkswagen 'Think Blue' Fuel Economy Challenge

VOLKSWAGEN THINK BLUE CHALLENGE What's Hot: Seemingly defying physics by obeying... er physics. What's Not: Driving in Canberra's winter with the heater off X-Factor: The most intense driving experience possible at legal speeds Vehicle type: Volkswagen models with BlueMotion Technology Variants Reviewed Model Power Torque Fuel Use Golf 103 TDI Comfortline with BlueMotion 103kW 320Nm 5.3l 100km CC 125 TDI 125kW 350Nm 5.7l 100km Tiguan 103 TDI six-speed manual 103kW 320Nm 6.0l 100km Touareg V6 TDI 180kW 550Nm 7.4l 100km OVERVIEW Volkswagen is pretty proud of its BlueMotion technology that being the collective term the German giant applies to the... continue reading