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Volkswagen Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication Coming In 2019

Working alongside the autonomous car technology push is inter-vehicle communication, and Volkswagen says its customers can expect to see it as soon...

Bill Ford - Laws And Jobs Need To Keep Pace With Self-Driving Cars

Ford's Executive Chairman, Bill Ford, has called on law-makers in the US to get together and sort the logistics behind self-driving cars.

Daimler And Bosch Team Up On Autonomous Cars

Bosch is the granddaddy when it comes to many important safety innovations in the motoring world, so it’s no surprise carmakers are lining up...

More Data Confirms Car Ownership Is Declining

Traffic congestion, increased costs, living in the city, pollution, taxes…as TMR has reported previously it’s no wonder young people a...

JLR Teams Up With Ford And Tata To Test Connected Vehicle Technology

Jaguar Land Rover will join two other carmakers in a wide-reaching test of connected vehicle technologies, concentrating on three areas of research.

A New Tax Slug For Melbourne Motorists…CBD A No-Go Zone?

Melbourne motorists are feeling like a hunted species today.

Ford Patent Creates An Electric Unicycle From Your Car’s Wheel

Ford has come up with a solution that may take the pain out of getting to and from the office - or at least provide a bit of comic relief to commut...

NRMA Study Finds Sydney 'Rat-run Short-cuts' Cost Time And Burn Fuel

The NRMA has set out to answer an age-old question with a new survey focusing on Sydney’s toll roads.

Motorway Debris Costing WA Taxpayers More Than $2m Per Year

Western Australian taxpayers are shelling out more than $2 million per year to deal with debris on the state’s motorways.

VicRoads Boss: Ditch Cars, Change Jobs, Cycle Or Use Public Transport

The boss of VicRoads has declared some of Melbourne’s busiest roads are close to capacity, with no workable way of relieving the city’s...

NRMA Calls For Road Performance Reviews, Toll Overhaul

The NRMA has commissioned a report which calls for a new approach to measuring the successes and failures of Sydney’s congested road net...

Congestion To Cost $53 Billion By 2031, Sydney Choking: Study

The first report by Infrastructure Australia, a body newly established by the Federal Government, shows Australia faces a crippling loss in pr...

Melbourne: Two-wheeled Power To Get First-Class CBD Treatment In New Plan

Melbourne City Council is keen to promote the use of motorcycles and scooters around the city’s CBD, according to a proposed new transport pl...

Road Funding Models ‘Outdated’, New Tolling Trial Planned For Melbourne

Roads company Transurban has warned Australia’s current infrastructure funding models are “100 years old”, and our major cit...

Melbourne: 'Continuous Flow' Design Proposed For Hoddle Street Intersections

Melbourne’s congested Hoddle Street is the focus of two new plans aimed at improving travel times in the area.

Car Use To Decline By 2035, Economies To Suffer: Study

The days of personal car ownership and their use as primary personal transport could be nearing an end, according to a new study.

Self-Driving Cars Nearing As Germany Upgrades Autobahn For Testing

Germany’s Transport Ministry is preparing a section of the country’s famous autobahns as a testing ground for self-driven vehicles.

China Province Caps New Vehicle Registrations To Tackle Pollution

As China’s air pollution woes continue to worsen, another of the country’s provinces has introduced drastic measures to curb the p...

Nightmare On Car Street: The Uber-Effect

So, as of its latest capital raising, Uber is now valued at USD$41billion.

Sydney Average Peak Hour Speeds Fall To A Mind-Numbing 11km/h

It would come as no surprise to long-suffering Sydney peak-hour motorists to be beaten to the next intersection by a lumbering torto...

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