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Australian Unions have organised for themotorreport to provide a selection of great new car offers exclusively for Australian union members. As well as great prices we have organised for extra services such as a loan car for whenever your car comes in for a regular warranty service.

On this site you will also find great reviews and resources to help you make the right decisions.

The Drive will regularly update this page with monthly specials so remember to check themotorreport.com.au before you buy your next car.

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Exclusive union member offers

Haval H6 Wagon 24251
Red Hot Sale
  • 2.0 L, 145KW (Petrol)
  • Sports Automatic Dual Clutch
  • 5 Doors, 5 Seats
  • 9.8 L/ 100 km
  • 76 Features
  • Front Wheel Drive

was $28,990

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