World Record For Largest Group Burnout Shattered At Summernats 28: Video Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Jan, 05 2015 | 5 Comments

Love them or loathe them, burnouts are a core part of Australian motoring sub-culture.

And now Australians can claim an even deeper affinity for rubber-fueled acts of hoonery, with 107 cars and drivers converging at Summernats last week to set a new world record for largest simultaneous burnout.

The attempt saw four cars unable to sustain their burnouts for the 30 seconds required by Guiness World Records, but with 103 other cars still spinning tyres after the half-minute mark the record attempt was deemed a success.

The field was also surprisingly diverse. Among the large number of Holdens and Fords were oddities like a front-engined, V8-powered Volkswagen Beetle and a W126 Mercedes-Benz.

The previous record was also set at Summernats - where else - two years ago, where 69 cars successfuly fried tyres for 30 seconds straight. This year's record-breaking attempt was substantially grander, though.

How grand? Check out the video above to enjoy the smoke show.

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