Widow Sues Porsche Over Crash That Killed Roger Rodas, Paul Walker Photo:
Mike Stevens | May, 13 2014 | 5 Comments

Despite a police report of excessive speed and no evidence of mechanical malfunction, the widow of Roger Rodas, friend of actor Paul Walker and driver of the car in which both men lost their lives, is suing Porsche Cars North America.

Kristine Rodas filed a wrongful death and negligence suit in Los Angeles this week, claiming the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT had malfunctioned as a result of design flaws and faulty suspension.

It is unclear if Mrs Rodas has engaged independent investigators to review the details of the crash, as her claims appear contradictory to the findings of police and Porsche.

The official police investigation into the incident concluded that poor judgement and excessive speed were to blame in the incident.

Mrs Rodas claims that the vehicle had been moving at 89km/h before the accident, however the police report claims that the speed - initially believed to be around 150km/h - was closer to 130km/h.

The suit mentions the car’s exploding on impact, blaming the lack of “a proper crash cage” and a “racing fuel cell”.

In the wake of the crash, Porsche Cars North America released a statement that claims the vehicle had been modified “from its original design state and had not been properly maintained”.

The company confirmed, however, that there was no evidence of mechanical malfunction leading to the crash.

The police report adds details that include the addition of an aftermarket exhaust system, along with a set of tyres that were more than nine years old.

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