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Trevor Collett | Oct, 30 2014 | 3 Comments

Western Australia’s RAC has declared its recent anti-congestion trial in Perth a success, reporting that the methods used “considerably decreased” heavy traffic.

Using technology aimed at traffic light efficiency, the RAC says improvements to peak-hour performance showed congestion could be relieved without the need for new infrastructure.

During the trial, traffic light cycle times - or the total time allowed for all approaches to receive a green light - were shortened by as much as 50 seconds.

Traffic lights were set to ‘react’ to congestion, resulting in more drivers seeing a green light more often.

The changes boosted the road’s capacity by 10 percent during peak travel times, and also resulted in reduced delays on associated side-roads.

The trial focused on Perth’s Orrong Road between Francisco Street and Oats Street, forming the second stage of a two-year study initiated and funded by the RAC with the WA State Government as a key partner.

“The signs are promising, and included the average vehicle queue lengths at the four intersections along the trial corridor being reduced by up to 34 percent, while journey times were up to 20 percent faster,” RAC’s Will Golsby said.

“The next step is for the State Government to increase funding for WA’s Traffic Operation Centre (TOC), operated by Main Roads WA, to ensure it is now in a position to take the further step of active traffic management to improve real time road management.”

Mr Golsby said the trial methods could be applied to other pinch-points in Perth’s road network to “squeeze more out of the existing infrastructure and help tackle Perth’s growing congestion problem”.

Satellite navigation company TomTom ranked Perth fifth on a list of the nine most congested cities in Australia and New Zealand during its annual global traffic survey.

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