VW Golf R Wagon Locks Sights On Australia, October Launch Confirmed Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Apr, 29 2015 | 5 Comments

Volkswagen’s little weaponised wagon has locked its sights on Australia, with plans for the stretched version of the Golf R revealed today.

Unveiled in November, the new Golf R Wagon was declared a vehicle of interest for the local bureau, but nothing had been confirmed until only recently.

Speaking with TMR today, Volkswagen Australia spokesperson Karl Gehling revealed that a small volley of Golf R Wagons will test our borders in October.

Full details are still to come, but Mr Gehling said local operatives will be able to crack the wagonised Golf R rocket’s casing from somewhere below $60,000.

Wordplay exhausted, onto the speculation: the regular Golf R hatch kicks off from $55,240, and with wagon models in the regular Golf range carrying a $1550 premium, we might expect the R wagon to land at around $57,000 or $58,000.

However, that brings the hot-sauce wagon very close to its wagon-like Audi S3 Sportback cousin, which is priced from $61,100.

But, as a “special edition” model, Volkswagen may sweeten the deal with goodies that are usually an optional extra: the $1000 Driver Assistance pack, $1850 sunroof and $3150 ‘Vienna’ leather and heated seats.

Perhaps - although less likely - Volkswagen will unlock the R’s 2.0 litre turbo engine, offering local buyers the same 221kW of power that is standard in Europe.

As a Volkswagen-defined “hot destination”, Australia is usually given a detuned 206kW version. (Although the S3 Sportback was recently upgraded… to 210kW.)

Whatever Volkswagen is planning for this local special, wagon lovers will be watching closely.

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