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Mike Stevens | Aug, 25 2014 | 0 Comments

Volvo has confirmed details of its coming three-cylinder engine range, expected to enter production before the end of the decade.

The new mills will form part of the Swedish carmaker’s Drive-E family, which has already been introduced in four-cylinder form.

The new three-cylinder range, all 1.5 litres in capacity, is expected to be spearheaded by a petrol variant, with hybrid versions to follow down the track.

Speaking with the UK’s Autocar, Volvo powertrain boss Derek Crabb said the little triples will mostly power the brand’s smaller models, although a debut in the midsized S60 has not been ruled out.

“I see it being possible in S60 but not higher,” Crabb told Autocar.

“It’s not planned for the higher XC cars at the moment. It’s not the power. It’s more to do with the torque.”

Full details for the new three-cylinder engines are still some time away, but it is known that the small engines will play a significant role in hybridising the Volvo range.

That is expected to help Volvo reach a corporate emissions target of 95g/km for Europe by 2020, where its current average is 120g/km.

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