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Volvo is considering adding an smaller model line to sit beneath its as yet unseen S40 and XC40 compact sedan and SUV ranges according to the company’s senior vice president, Lex Kerssemakers.

In an interview with American publication Car and Driver, Kerssemakers discussed the Volvo model strategy saying “It’s pretty straightforward: The 90 is the biggest, and the 40 is the smallest, and when there is a 20, it will be a smaller one.”

Volvo's last small hatch, the C30
Volvo's last small hatch, the C30

Beyond that Kerssemakers remain tight-lipped about the details of the smaller model, though logically it could signal an additional application of Volvo’s Compact Modular Architecture, which will underpin the 40 Series vehicles, as well as Volvo’s first electric vehicle, confirmed for 2019.

From a competitor point of the view the 40 Series range is set to line up against cars like the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, BMW 1 Series, Audi Q2, and Mini Countryman, leaving the 20 Series to go up against smaller premium and near premium light cars like the Audi A1 and Mini hatch.

Kerssemakers was clear that any additions to the Volvo range would continue to be mainstream vehicles “Coupes and convertibles, we don’t have them in the plan,” he said, meaning that hatch and SUV body styles would take precedence over a sporty coupe or convertible.

Volvo 40.1 SUV Concept
Volvo 40.1 SUV Concept

Volvo’s current planning strategy also declares that any vehicles from the company be suitable as global offerings, meaning that rather than restricting any new models to a particular region, like Europe, China, or North America, a potential 20 Series would have to be suitable for sales in all regions.

That doesn’t rule out Volvo’s Chinese parent company, Geely, developing their own version for sale in select markets though given Geely’s international expansion plans any variant badged as one of Geely’s numerous brands is likely to have a similar global focus.

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