Volvo Concept Estate Revealed, New User Interface Teased: Video Photo:
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2014 Volvo XC Coupe Concept - Detroit Photo:
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2014 Volvo Concept Estate - Geneva Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Feb, 28 2014 | 7 Comments

Volvo's new Concept Estate, teased earlier this week with a series of images that surfaced on a Swedish winter apparel site, is now out in the open.

Importantly, the carmaker has also used this latest unveiling as an opportunity to preview its new infotainment system, showcasing an advanced user interface.

As for the car itself, the Concept Estate is revealed as a modern taken on Volvo's 1800ES 'shooting brake' of the 70s.

The leap to production however is likely to see this concept gain another pair of doors, suggesting that it could be a preview of the next the next V60 wagon, or the larger V70.

This early reveal also puts to rest speculation of a new sedan concept, with many anticipating a glimpse of the next S80 flagship model.

Volvo last previewed its next S80 with the Universe and You concepts in 2011, although the carmaker has since moved on from that look.

For the cabin, Volvo has developed a new take on its typically minimalist interior design, while also introducing a next-generation infotainment system.

Operated almost entirely through the touchscreen display, the system boasts intuitive controls for audio and video, navigation and communication, and a number of key vehicle functions.

There's also a large new display for the instrument cluster, filling the space behind the the three-spoke steering wheel.

Gloss black and brushed aluminium highlights abound, while the seatbacks and pillars get a unique fabric trim.

Mechanical details are still to come, although we know the Concept Estate will ride on Volvo’s new Scaleable Platform Architecture (SPA), which will form the basis of most of the company’s next-generation models.

Volvo’s new Drive-E engines will also power the future line-up, introducing a powerful new approach to four-cylinder technology.

Watch for more details on Volvo's future line-up to come over the next year, starting with the new XC90 SUV.

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