Volkswagen VR6 Engine To Return With Twin-Turbo Power: Report Photo:

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TMR Team | Sep, 26 2013 | 7 Comments


Earlier this year, Volkswagen showed off a wide-bodied GTI concept at Austria's Lake Wörthersee, driven by a monstrous 370kW and 560Nm twin-turbo V6 engine.

Kicking the rumour mill into overdrive, the concept immediately became the stuff of wet dreams for diehard GTI fanatics across the world.

And, while the wide-bodied beast is unlikely to ever see the shiny tiles of your local dealership, new reports suggest its powerplant just might.

According to Auto Week, Volkswagen is close to confirming a new VR6 engine, boasting a familiar narrow-angle design while boosting power through the user of turbocharging.

The paper reports that the new engine would boast a 3.0 litre displacement and a 15-degree cylinder bank angle.

Depending on the model and the state of tune, the production version of such an engine could produce anywhere from 250 to 335kW.

That will be music to the ears of VW fans, who will remember the hero in the previous Passat range, the 220kW R36, driven by a naturally-aspirated 3.6 litre VR6 engine.

And while the smaller Golf R32 may not return (the R now packs a turbo four-cylinder), the big new VR6 engine could star again in the Passat, along with the CC four-door coupe, the big CrossBlue SUV, and even the next Scirocco three-door.

Watch for news on the new engine to surface in the coming year.

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