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Volkswagen T-Cross To Join Fast-Growing Small SUV Segment Photo:

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Kez Casey | Jan, 27 2016 | 1 Comment

Volkswagen hasn’t been shy when it comes to showing small SUV concepts in the past, with both the Taigun of 2012 and T-Roc of 2014 pointing to possible sub-Tiguan offerings.

Volkswagen’s next move is expected to be the T-Cross, a firm pointer to what a CX-3 rivalling small SUV - with a VW badge - will look like.

The T-Cross will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March and while its dimensions will be close to the Polo, the new car will utilise the newer MQB modular architecture that underpins the Golf, new Tiguan, and will feature beneath the next generation Polo.

Volkswagen T-Roc Concept
Volkswagen T-Roc Concept

Using Volkswagen’s modular architecture also opens up a range of powertrain options including petrol and diesel engines, as well as plug-in hybrid. Both front and all-wheel-drive are also possible.

Volkswagen’s future product plans include fast-tracking production versions of the T-Cross (which will wear a different name in production), and slightly larger T-Roc into the fast-growing Small SUV segment, however the two new models may not appear side-by-side in all markets.

Volkswagen Taigun Concept
Volkswagen Taigun Concept

Like the earlier T-Roc concept, and the production Tiguan, the T-Cross is expected to carry styling cues like Volkswagen’s full-width louvred grille, which will run into the headlights, with strongly defined wheel arches to convey a sense of go-anywhere agility.

With plans for a production version of the Up!-based Taigun now put on hold, the T-Cross will be expected to fill Volkswagen’s entry-level SUV role, but that doesn’t mean it will be lacking for tech.

2016 Volkswagen Tiguan
2016 Volkswagen Tiguan

As with many of Volkswagen’s recent concept debuts, a hybrid or electric powertrain will likely power the concept, while a connected interior featuring Volkswagen’s gesture control technology is also expected.

Production versions may not be quite so advanced. But with Volkswagen desperate to save face in the wake of its diesel emissions scandal, every effort will be made to ensure the production version of the T-Cross is seen as a technology leader.

We’ll have more information about the T-Cross as it emerges in the lead-up to Geneva.

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