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Trevor Collett | Jun, 27 2017 | 0 Comments

Volkswagen's dieselgate emissions saga has previously led to 'buybacks' in the US as part of the carmaker's settlement with owners, but now the German company has commenced a buyback of vehicles in its home country.

Industry paper Automotive News reports a court ruling in Germany has pushed Volkswagen to make the buyback call.

Volkswagen chose the buyback path rather than risk an appeal, with the automotive Group offering to reclaim some of its diesel-powered vehicles caught up in the emissions drama.

The buyback will form part of a compensation claim, with Volkswagen reportedly stating that a buyback was one of its cheapest options to satisfy disgruntled owners.

The carmaker has also left the door open to an appeal on cases still pending, saying it will not simply accept any claim for compensation should it feel such claims were unjustified.

Volkswagen will likely be watchful of owners in Germany copying some in the US who took advantage of the loosely-worded agreement and chose to strip their cars of valuable parts before returning them.

Claims for compensation by Volkswagen Group owners in other countries, including Australia, continue.

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