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Mike Stevens | Oct, 21 2014 | 5 Comments

Volkswagen is understood to have begun work on a new ‘CC’ four-door coupe, based again on the more practical Passat sedan.

The company’s design chief, Klaus Bischoff, confirmed the new model’s coming in the latest issue of Autogramm, Volkswagen’s employee newsletter.

“The sedan and the station wagon are done. Now we are working on derivatives such as the CC, the plug-in hybrid, and the Alltrack,” Bischoff said.

News of a next-generation CC is no surprise, of course, with the new model expected to join a new Alltrack wagon in rounding out the Passat range.

Above: the first-gen CC, facelifted in 2012, will continue for at least another two years.
Above: the first-gen CC, facelifted in 2012, will continue for at least another two years.

But, while the jacked-up Alltrack is expected to debut next year, the new CC is not expected to arrive until sometime in 2017, which would be in-line with the first-generation model’s debut timing.

American magazine Car & Driver reports that production of the current CC will continue until the new model arrives, suggesting we might see a third styling update to the coupe-like sedan.

As for the new CC, we can likely expect the CC to follow the formula taken by the current model, wearing a clearly Passat-inspired look while embracing a swept-back profile front-to-back.

Recent renderings by independent artist Theophilus Chin offer an idea of what we might expect, showcasing a sharper and more heavily angled design.

Above: designer Theo Chin imagines a sharpened look for the new CC.
Above: designer Theo Chin imagines a sharpened look for the new CC.

Chin’s concept wears an even more coupe-like design with a tightly wrapped and high-set character line, moving the CC’s look closer to the Audi A7 Sportback.

Expect the new CC to utilise the same MQB platform that underpins the recently unveiled 2015 Passat, with power to be provided by a range of petrol, diesel and possibly hybrid drivetrains.

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