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Tony O'Kane | Dec, 10 2015 | 2 Comments

Amid all the negative publicity swirling around the Volkswagen brand since the "Dieselgate" emissions cheating scandal broke in late September, there's finally some good news for the German auto giant - kinda.

Following its first investigation into fuel economy and CO2 ratings sparked by the 'Dieselgate' nitrogen oxide (NOx) deception, Volkswagen had previously announced that up to 800,000 cars sold may also have been rated with false, overly optimistic, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures.

However, Volkswagen now says that the actual number of cars carrying false carbon emission and economy ratings is closer to 36,000 worldwide, with none having been sold in Australia.

It's still bad news for the company, and it still has the matter of the 11 million diesel cars fitted with the NOx-cheating software, but, if correct, the impact on VW's bottom line will likely be less than first anticipated.

Just nine specific models account for that 36,000 total, with an even split of petrol and diesel engines represented.

In a statement released by the company, the emissions deviations were found to "amount to a few grams of CO2 on average, corresponding to increased cycle combustion in the NEDC of approximately 0.1 to 0.2 litres per 100 kilometres".

Unlike the cars impacted by the Dieselgate emissions-cheat debacle, Volkswagen says the models unearthed by its fuel consumption probe won't require any mechanical or software changes but will simply be re-certified with their correct fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions numbers.

VW's subsidiaries Seat, Skoda, and Audi are expected to announce their own findings in the near future.

The full list of affected VW models follows, all use EU6-compliant engines:

  • Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI BlueMotion 70kW 7sp DSG
  • Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TDI 135kW 6sp manual
  • Volkswagen Jetta 1.2 TSI 77kW 6sp manual
  • Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 TDI 81kW 5sp manual
  • Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 2.0 TDI 81kW 5sp manual
  • Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI 110kW 6sp manual
  • Volkswagen Passat Alltrack 2.0 TSI 4MOTION 162kW 7sp DSG
  • Volkswagen Passat Wagon 2.0 TDI 4MOTION 176kW 7sp DSG
  • Volkswagen Passat Wagon 1.4 TSI 110kW 6sp manual

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