Video: A 45 AMG Versus Skateboard, Nismo 370Z Versus Flying Man Photo:
2013_mercedes_benz_a_45_amg_australia_15 Photo: tmr
2013_nissan_370z_overseas_08a Photo: tmr
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2013_mercedes_benz_a_45_amg_australia_08 Photo: tmr
2013_nissan_370z_overseas_07 Photo: tmr
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2013_nissan_370z_overseas_06a Photo: tmr
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2013_mercedes_benz_a_45_amg_australia_03 Photo: tmr
2013_nissan_370z_overseas_11 Photo: tmr
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2013_nissan_370z_overseas_05c Photo: tmr
2013_nissan_370z_overseas_02 Photo: tmr
2013_mercedes_benz_a_45_amg_australia_04 Photo: tmr
2013_nissan_370z_overseas_08 Photo: tmr
2013_mercedes_benz_a_45_amg_australia_07 Photo: tmr
2013_mercedes_benz_a_45_amg_australia_13 Photo: tmr
2013_nissan_370z_overseas_05b Photo: tmr
2013_nissan_370z_overseas_05 Photo: tmr
2013 Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG - Australia Photo:
2013_nissan_370z_overseas_10 Photo: tmr
2013_mercedes_benz_a_45_amg_australia_05 Photo: tmr
2013_mercedes_benz_a_45_amg_australia_11 Photo: tmr
2013_nissan_370z_overseas_05a Photo: tmr
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2013_nissan_370z_overseas_01 Photo: tmr
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2013_mercedes_benz_a_45_amg_australia_02 Photo: tmr
2013_mercedes_benz_a_45_amg_australia_09 Photo: tmr
2013_nissan_370z_overseas_12 Photo: tmr
Trevor Collett | Oct, 03 2013 | 0 Comments

It’s the business end of the season for many of the world’s motorsport categories, and some carmakers are displaying withdrawal symptoms already.

The cure? Organise a one-car race against... something that isn’t a car. And capture it on video for the fans, of course. Here, it's Mercedes-Benz in one clip, and Nissan's Nismo arm in the other.

The South African arm of Mercedes-Benz decided to put its A 45 AMG into battle against a man on a skateboard in a race down the Franschhoek Pass.

We’re not talking about a teenager in low-slung baggy trousers, either. This is a “slipstream” skateboarder using a longboard.

It takes “performance, control and expression” to pilot a longboard down a mountain pass, which are all qualities that Mercedes-Benz believes its A 45 AMG possesses (hence the race).

So who wins? Watch the video to find out, and to find out more about the Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG, check out our recent ‘road and track’ review.

Elsewhere in the world, Nissan decided its 370Z Nismo should race against a flying man wearing a ‘wing-suit’.

The man, accompanied by a second man who was also wearing a wing-suit and carrying the necessary camera gear, jumps off a cliff and the race between man and car begins.

Gravity was again the method of propulsion for the man without the car, and a mountain pass was again the chosen battlefield.

While the 370Z featured here and the Juke are established names for Nissan’s Nismo performance arm, the brand is in the process of expanding, with the 2014 Nissan GT-R Nismo currently in development stages.

A GT-R Nismo is also entered in next year’s Bathurst 12-Hour race at Mount Panorama, with Rick Kelly and others behind the wheel.

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