Video: Volvo Trucks Lays Down Challenge To… Koenigsegg? Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Nov, 05 2014 | 3 Comments

If you thought Volvo Trucks would be satisfied with having action star Jean-Claude Van Damme perform the splits across two prime movers, think again.

A new clip released today reveals that Volvo Trucks has challenged fellow Swedes Koenigsegg to a race.

The combatants?

In the left corner, Volvo’s big FH diesel truck, producing anywhere from 345 to 521kW in standard roadgoing form - and up to a huge 3150Nm of torque. Judging by this short clip, the truck will also be unburdened by a trailer.

In the right corner, Koenigsegg’s recently revealed One:1 hypercar, producing a back-breaking 1000kW and boasting a power-to-weight ratio of - you guessed it - exactly 1:1.

The purpose of the challenge? To showcase the capabilities of Volvo’s “sports car technology-based” i-Shift dual-clutch auto.

Little else has been revealed for the showdown at this stage, although it is known that the Volvo will be piloted by Fifth Gear TV host and seasoned racing veteran Tiff Needell.

Check out the short teaser clip below, and tune in on November 11 (November 12 in Australia) for the full video.

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