Victorian Motorists Okay With Speeding: TAC Photo:
Mike Stevens | Mar, 30 2011 | 8 Comments

New research by Victoria's Transport Accident Commission shows that a significant proportion of the state's motorists think it is okay to speed.

According to the latest TAC Road Safety Monitor, which surveyed 702 motorists in November last year, more than 39 percent of Victorian drivers believe that exceeding the speed limit by 5km/h in a 100km/h zone is acceptable.

A further 21 percent think it is okay to travel 5km/h over the limit in a 60km/h zone, and a huge 90 percent of motorists surveyed feel it is okay to drive 'at least' 1km/h over the limit.

“Unless we change attitudes to speed there are around 250 Victorians alive today who will be dead by Christmas,” TAC Head of Community Relations Phil Reed said.

"If everyone slowed down there is no reason why our road toll couldn't be cut by one third."

More than half of all respondents admitted they would be likely to speed "at least sometimes" in 100km/h zones, with regional and male motorists proving to be the most relaxed about adhering to speed limits.

The TAC estimates that speeding motorists are responsible for around 30 per cent of all road deaths and serious injuries.

"Despite the road toll being down on last year’s, we have had a shocking two weekends on the roads with 10 people dying and even more being seriously injured in horrific collisions – some of them speed related."

"These accidents should serve as a reminder to all Victorians that taking the risk and creeping over the speed limit can be deadly."

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