Victorian Motorists Leading In Not Speeding: TAC Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Jun, 15 2015 | 7 Comments

A new study has found that Victorian motorists, whether by common sense or a healthy fear of the state’s expansive safety-camera network, are less likely to speed than their counterparts in other states.

The research, carried out by Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC), found that 73 percent of Victorian motorists drive at or below the speed limit in a 50km/h zone, compared to 64 percent of interstate motorists.

Likewise, 72 percent of respondents said they normally drive within the limit in 60km/h zones, bettering their counterparts in other states by 10 percent.

The rate of compliance drops off as the speed limit increases, with only 61 percent of Victorian motorists obeying a 100km/h limit, compared to 51 percent of interstate motorists.

However, 74 percent of motorists said that driving at 110km/h in a 100km/h zone is unacceptable.

TAC boss Janet Dore said that it is good that Victorian motorists “appear to be more responsible” than drivers in other states, it is worrying that many are still speeding.

“What is clear from this research is that the majority of road users, both in Victoria and interstate, find speeding socially unacceptable but it also shows there is still work to be done to ensure all drivers get the message around speeding," Ms Dore said.

She said that speeding remains a leading cause of road trauma, with data showing that speed was a factor in around 30 percent of all Victorian road deaths in 2014.

The survey had a sample size of 5544 participants, made up of 2000 from Victoria and 3544 from other states. The participating states were not specified.

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