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Mike Stevens | May, 06 2011 | 0 Comments

Victoria's Transport Accident Commission (TAC) is urging motorists to take care in the lead-up to Mother's Day this year. The state's road toll is currently nine fatalities higher than last year, including a spike in female deaths.

So far in 2011, Victoria has seen 106 deaths on the road. For women, the toll sits at 24 - six more than in the same period last year.

"We want every Victorian mother, daughter, sister and girlfriend to drive safely to ensure they are around to see Mother's Day next year," TAC Head of Community Relations Phil Reed said.

"Last year we saw a marked improvement in female fatality levels, but unfortunately the trend has been reversed."

Passenger deaths in 2011 have increased by 11 percent to 27, but drivers continue to make up the greatest proportion of the state's road toll with 36 driver deaths year-to-date.

Pedestrian deaths this year number 13, and cyclist deaths currently stand at four.

Motorcyclist deaths are currently tracking 16% below the same time last year with 21 deaths, compared to 25 the year before. This is slightly above the five year average of 18 deaths.

Regional road deaths stand at 50 - consistent with 2010, but well below the five year trend of 57.

The following is a snapshot of the key statistics according to road user group:

Vehicle occupants: 36 drivers and 27 passengers were killed

  • 38 died in single vehicle crashes (21 on rural roads)
  • 28 drivers and 16 passengers were male
  • 38 vehicle occupants died on 100 km/h roads (34 in regional Victoria)
  • 8 drivers and 9 passengers were killed in multiple fatality crashes
  • 8 drivers were aged between 18-25 (7 were male)
  • 15 drivers and 9 passengers were aged over 60
  • 6 vehicle occupants were unbelted (all were male)

Motorcyclists: 20 motorcyclists and one pillion rider were killed

  • all motorcycle riders were male (the pillion rider was female)
  • 14 riders were aged over 40, as was the pillion rider
  • 11 riders died on regional or rural roads (7 on 100km/h roads)
  • 4 riders died on 40-50 km/h roads

Pedestrians: 13 pedestrians were killed

  • 9 pedestrians were killed in metro Melbourne
  • 10 were male
  • 5 were aged over 60
  • 5 were killed on 40-50 km/h roads

Cyclists: 4 cyclists were killed

  • 3 cyclists were males
  • all were aged over 40
  • 2 were killed in metro Melbourne
  • 3 killed on 100 km/h roads
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