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Trevor Collett | Mar, 02 2015 | 5 Comments

The state government in Victoria is set to halt a program that would have seen many 70km/h and 90km/h speed limits lowered.

Under a scheme commenced by the previous state government, each of these speed limits was to be reduced by 10km/h.

The policy followed advice from Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC), which claims the chances of a fatality following a collision doubles with every 5km/h above 60km/h.

But a campaign by the RACV and community newspapers to scrap the scheme has hit its target, with state Roads Minister, Luke Donnellan, announcing the change.

The campaign follows calls from the RACV for police to relax the focus on low-level speeding, with new data showing that fines for these offences have tripled in the last five years.

While some roads have already seen their speed limits lowered - and will retain these new limits - other roads earmarked for change will now retain their current 70 or 90km/h limits.

Mr Donnellan said these roads would only receive reduced speed limits if safety was a factor; scrapping the blanket changes that were previously scheduled.

VicRoads would continue to monitor these sites, Mr Donnellan said, and make future decisions based on collision data and feedback from the community.

Not everyone is in favour of dumping the scheme however, with cycling and engineering groups speaking out in support of lower speed limits.

On the flipside, NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay said last year that he was considering higher speed limits on some freeways, which would bring the state into line with much of the developed world.

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